Animation CPU Live coding mobile platform

Animation CPU connects everyone in the live coding process so peoples get mobility and teams can deliver better games and metaverses, easier and faster

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Mobile IDE

Run on iPhone and iPad. The world's best mobile development solution. Our R&D team has spent 12 years discovering and refining the code for mobile devices since the 2008 iPhone 2G.
Animation CPU IDE

ACPUL Programming language

Fun, simple and safe programming language. Your fun programs, games and chats never halt or never crash. You can debug and see everything in real time with your friends. A simple standard library for all your purposes.
ACPUL Programming language

Messanger and Social network

Built-in chat module to create secure p2p messengers, connect to Forum API, Twitter, Discord, Mastodon or Hacker News.
Animation CPU Messanger

Web3 friendly

Grant, build and exchange formulas, NFTs with Oompa-Loompas tokens. Make standard Mobile, Web apps and Web3 dApps with open-source granted formulas. Make smart-contracts with ACPUL programming language and Web3CryptoWallet blockchain
Web3 Crypto Wallet blockchain Metaverse powered by AnimationCPU


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